Origin Story

I have always had a passion for art and technology. As soon as I got my hands on a computer at around age 10, I started making graphics, apps and websites.

I learned a lot by constantly exploring and experimenting on my own.

Design Career

I realized that I was really passionate about intuitive, delightful, and empowering tools.

As soon as I discovered the emerging field of "user experience design," I jumped at the chance to take a UX Designer role at a marketing agency.

Soon, I transitioned into an in-house product manager and designer at software product startups. I was longing to stick with users longer, dig deeper, iterate further, and extend user-centered methodologies to inform business strategy.

I have since become an avid practitioner of leading cross-functional teams to turn user research into digital experiences that surpass business goals - and work like magic.

Whether the team needs support collecting insights, polishing final designs, or anything in between, I am always excited to jump in and help take things to the next level.


Over the years, I've noticed how valuable it is to help everyone zoom-out, to look at the bigger picture together.

What are we doing? Why?

Who has the problem? What do they really need?

Pushing for more empathy and higher quality output is nuanced interpersonal work, so it's also important to strive to, above all...

  • Be kind
  • Have fun
  • Be patient
  • Be generous
  • Trust the process
  • Be curious, with empathy
  • Encourage & empower others

Personal Time

I have a lot of hobbies. Depending on my mood, you might find me sculpting, doing pottery, drawing, painting, playing games and sports with my two (very) energetic sons, or collaborating with my wife to design our house and home.

I also love to nerd-out over comedy, music, podcasts, future tech, pets, psychology, and the science of consciousness.